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Winter Solstice

The days are short the nights are long
Giving us time for our inner song
A time of stillness and reflection
Allowing us time to chart a new direction

Nature takes a well earnt rest
As she prepares for spring with renewed zest
Even though the shadows seem to block the light
We cherish this time with great delight

For nature always shows us the way
Through adversity and joy come what may
She teaches us to cherish it all
And reach up high and grow so tall

And the goddess gently nourishes us
As we wrap ourselves in her embrace
And look skyward to the sun's rebirth
The turning point has come at last

Soon our days will grow longer as the sun climbs high
Filling up our magnificent sky
But for now we take our well earned rest
Staying within in our cocooned nest

And give deep gratitude for all the seasons
Nature knowing each ones purpose and reason
Providing us with this wondrous life
Where beauty abounds filling our senses

So let us all offer our heartfelt blessings
To Great Mother in all her expressions
And honour each moment, each day, each season
For surely it is her gift of grace and beauty
For us to embrace in deep humility

© Helen Barnes 21/6/2016


Helen Barnes

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