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Webinars & Workshops

The Light of YOU


A webinar series of conscious awakening in this time of changing reality...


Monday 25 February 2019 

8pm-9pm NZT

  • Gratitude Exchange for a 12 month subscription NZD$222.00

  • Payment quarterly by 4 x installments NZD$60.00 per quarter

  • Payment on an individual monthly basis NZD$22.00 per month

Are you ready to embrace all that you are as a multi-dimensional being of light and love?

Helen is offering a monthly

online seminar series called

The Light of YOU. 


It is an opportunity to come together once a month in a sacred space where insights, navigation tools, healing, energy upgrades and Light Language activations are channelled by the Galactic Council of Light Beings who work with Helen to assist those who are truly embracing the new paradigm here on Planet Earth.

Each month, Helen will tune into, and bring through, transmissions and channeled information on what is happening and how to best embrace the changes and expansion that is being offered to us here on Planet Earth.

Journey of Self

22 Week Online Workshop


Healing, Personal Growth, Empowerment, Expansion, Inspiration and much more!

Commencing 6 March 2019
Facilitated by Helen Barnes

Journey of Self offers...

  • Personal empowerment and self-responsibility offering expansive personal growth

  • Inspiration and opportunity to unlock your full potential

  • Support when starting a new venture or re-inventing/birthing yourself

  • A deep explorative journey within

  • Healing of blocks and programmes that are holding you back

  • Participation in a sisterhood of like-minded women supporting each other to be better versions of themselves

  • A safe and potent container in which to hold and be held by other women

  • Ultimately the opportunity to become a Way of the Sacred Feminine facilitator (if you feel this calling in your heart)

Journey of Self

I am excited to present a wonderful new collaborative body of work called 

Way of the Sacred Feminine. 

It is a programme for the empowerment of women into conscious, compassionate leadership.

I am thrilled to announce the commencement of 'A Journey of Self' (the foundation course of Way of the Sacred Feminine programme), starting on 31 October 2018, under the influence of a new moon's energy.  Do you feel a calling to join a potent group of just 10 women (plus me as facilitator) embarking on a journey of healing, personal growth and light filled expansion?  If so, read on...

Way of the Sacred Feminine programme is made up of two courses.  The foundation course is’ A Journey of Self’.  It is a 22 week online course meeting weekly for 75 minutes of shared inspiration.  The second course in the programme is ‘Loving Hearts Leadership’ and this can be undertaken after successful completion of the foundation course.

My observations of women completing Way of the Sacred Feminine programme...

  • Women finding their voice and speaking their truth

  • Women growing in confidence as the leader within emerges

  • Women revealing their previously hidden or repressed shining light

  • Women being inspired to transform themselves in the most magical and beautiful way

  • Women embodying the rise of the divine feminine in a potent and empowered way

What investment is required...

  • A 75 minute online call each week for 22 weeks

  • A 30 minute + 'touching hearts' call with one other participant each week

  • A gratitude exchange of NZ$1250 reducible to NZ$1187.50 (5% early bird incentive) if paid 2 weeks prior to course commencement date.

  • A payment option of 4 installments of NZ$312.50 each is available

I am passionate about the empowerment of women.

 I love that it is now our time to give ourselves to the rising of the divine feminine.  I feel in my heart that when the feminine and masculine balance is restored, individually and collectively, peace can and will prevail on earth.  I have no doubt that there was a time long ago when we sat around the fire and agreed that a time would come when we would be called to rise again as Priestesses of Light.  I truly believe that time is NOW.  Are you ready to answer the call?


If you have any questions or are wondering if this is for you, I would love to have a chat.


Helen Barnes

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