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Who I am is what I offer...

Helen Barnes


I am passionate, beyond words, about the empowerment of women. 


It is my inner truth that we are in a most magical time where the divine feminine is rising and it is time for women to take their rightful place standing side by side the divine masculine. 


When the feminine and masculine are truly balanced in sacred union, we will find peace within and only then will peace return on earth.  I am therefore, dedicated to the empowerment of women and the rising of the goddess once more.


If you are inspired to fully embody the goddess that you truly are, please contact me.

Helen Barnes


I have spent decades delving into the mystery of life and have been an avid seeker of truth. 


I have searched within and ‘without’, exploring the wisdom of the ages by connecting with ancient cultures and our ancestors. 


I have many tools that I have developed to navigate our way through Earth’s and humanities’ ascension process and I love to share these with groups big or small. 


We are living in extraordinary times and there is nothing more rewarding than gathering in sacred space together to explore more of ‘whom we truly are’ - galactic hu-man beings! 


I am always open to facilitating workshops all over the globe!


Helen Barnes


As an Intuitive, I am able to ‘tune in’ to your field, your akashic records, your family of light and the greater intelligence we call ‘spirit’. 


I can assist you with direction, focus and guidance on issues you may be facing in your life. 


Spirit communicates through me and I share my intuitive insights to gently guide you in the direction of your soul’s calling.


Helen Barnes


In 2003 I was activated and began speaking the Language of Light - powerful harmonics that penetrate deep into cellular memory and re-calibrate at the molecular level. 


Using my voice as an instrument of light-filled harmonic healing energy, releases old patterns, emotional issues, past life interference and other beliefs/programes at a cellular level, making way for profound shifts and transformation. 


I am passionate about sound and the power of its healing potential in these ‘new earth’ energies. I love sound and the power of it as a healing tool.  


I play the crystal and Tibetan bowls, the gong, flute and other musical healing sound instruments.  

Language of Light Explanation and Demonstration

Sound Master

Helen Barnes


I was born with the calling of sacred lands ringing through my being...

Within me there was an inner pulsing, urging me to journey to the lands of the ancients, a mystic was re-awakening.  


After an intense personal healing journey, I moved into deep surrender and was free to flow with the calling of my inner being, to hear the call of spirit and embark on new and exciting adventures. 


I was blessed to live at the pyramids of Egypt for 5 years and have taken many pilgrims on sacred journeys through this and other ancient lands. 


Exploring ancient cultures has supported my unquenchable thirst for deeper understanding of the mysteries of life.

Helen singing Te Aroha in the Dashur Pyramids, Egypt


Helen Barnes


I am passionate about writing and there is no greater pleasure for me than penning a book or poem. 


I have published two books and a set of Oracle Healing Cards and there is another book (or three) in the making.



Helen Barnes

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