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Helen was born and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. At age 20 she headed off to the UK and Europe embarking on her OE which exposed her to different cultures and peoples.


On returning from overseas she began a successful career in the travel industry which spanned some 20 years, culminating in her becoming a Director and Shareholder in one of New Zealand’s largest travel companies.

At age 27 Helen’s only brother, Geoffrey, died in a fatal car crash on Auckland’s harbour bridge and while Helen was devastated by his passing, it also heralded the beginning of her spiritual path and the emergence of her psychic and intuitive gifts.

After a long and successful career in the corporate world, Helen faced ‘burn-out’ and finally took stock of her life and began her healing journey. Not sure of where it would lead, she began to seek different solutions to the physical dis-ease that had manifested in her body and so began her spiritual journey.


Describing herself as a ‘workshop junkie’ during this time, Helen undertook a diverse range of studies including, massage, reflexology, holistic pulsing, channelling, spiritual development, radical forgiveness therapy to name a few.

After 12 months of rehabilitation, Helen was clear that she was not going back to the corporate world. She had awakened to her healing and channelling gifts and was now clear that her path was to follow her soul’s purpose and be a lightworker and metaphysician. From humble beginnings she built up a healing business (The Healing Touch) and then opened a healing centre (A Divine Place) where she offered healings, readings and workshops.

"I am here to BE the highest expression of myself as awakened consciousness in every moment, that is, love incarnate.  I am a truth seeker and my journey has been, and continues to be, one of deep reverence for the gift of life especially at this exceptional time of ascension here on Planet Earth."

Helen’s first encounter with Egypt was in 2001 when she took a group on a spiritual journey. After two more group trips, Helen was hooked and so began her love affair with this ancient land culminating in her marriage to Ahmed, her Egyptian husband, at the end of 2006. Helen was gifted and adopted the name Kareema as her Egyptian name. When a friend did the numerology of this name it came up as a number 9 which is the same as her birth date number and endorses her life purpose to ‘be of service to humanity’.

At the end of 2011 Helen's husband, Ahmed passed into spirit.  Helen is still very connected to Egypt and continues to take groups and individuals on Sacred Soul Immersion Journeys to this magical land.

Working with the sound vibration of the Language of Light, Helen is able to do her work from any physical location, over the telephone or via Skype. In many ways Helen describes the telephone sessions as more powerful than face to face sessions, and her clients endorse this also.


“It appears that the telephone work eliminates all physical distractions and enhances the impact of the sound frequencies offering a powerful opportunity for the healing energies” says Helen.

Helen lives with her two beloved fur babies in Northland, New Zealand.


Helen Barnes

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