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Helen Barnes


Hi, I'm Helen and it's wonderful to meet you!

Having wandered the expansive frontiers of universal light, following the celestial pathways of realities little known, my soul, my light, brought me to Planet Earth, Gaia, Papatuanuku some six decades ago.


I am here to BE the highest expression of myself as awakened consciousness in every moment, that is, love incarnate.  I am a truth seeker and my journey has been, and continues to be, one of deep reverence for the gift of life especially at this exceptional time of ascension here on Planet Earth.


It is an honour and privilege to be of service as a mystic, healer, intuitive, wisdom keeper, writer, poet, adventurer, sound master, illuminator and empowered woman.


My focus is to hold sacred space for those wishing to expand into the fullest expression of self as divinity in human form – a soul having a human experience. 


I am deeply grateful for your trust and commitment to your illuminated path and I look forward to working with you for your highest good and the greatest good of all. 


We are ONE and I love you!


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Let's co-create some magic

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Helen Barnes

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